HONALEC- POWER SYSTEM SIMULATOR-HES8050                          

Electrical power system understanding simplified.

 Honalec Power system simulator is the miniturised  mini real power system in an organised lab  works under power frequency based low voltage. covers Generation,Transmission, Distribution & Utilisation of electrical power.This simulator developed for power system Education and  Training, in Engineering institution & power system training centers.

HES-8050 PSS integrated  with miniturised models of power system components/equipments/systems contributing to the flow of electrical power from generation to  utilization alongwith measurement , protection and control system packages are  the functionalities of real power system.This simulator works under 110/220/330 volts AC 50/60hz. The power generation  capacity  of  the simulator is 20KW from power generation plant and 1 KW from distributed generation. The power system engineer works with this simulator feels himself working in real power  system environment.

The functional groups of HONALEC  HES8050 PSS hardware includes

  • Power generation simulator.
  • Power grid simulator
  • Power distribution simulator
  • Power utility simulator
  • Smart grid technology demonstration

HONALEC- POWER SYSTEM SIMULATOR - Educational model usefull for

  • power system education and Research work
  • Power system laboratory  experiments.
  •  Skill development Training to  fresh  Elctrical Graduates.

HONALEC- POWER SYSTEM SIMULATOR - Training model  usefull for

  • Power plant operators training.
  • Power grid operators training.
  • Receiving/Grid station operators training. 
  •  Distribution network operators training.
  • Distribution substation operators training. 
  • Smart grid operators training.
  • Smart Micro grid operators training.
  • Energy consumers training. 

How  honalec HES8050 PSS is usefull as Operator Training Simulator?

Generaly the OTS is computer programming based virtual  simulation models of  real system components integrated to form visual format  in computer  exactly similar to real operating console. This generic based OTS is extensively  used for operators training on commercial grounds. HONALEC PSS HES8050  hardware training helps for  undertanding  the ideal power delivery  concept from generation to utalization.  The combined training of  computer based OTS and HONALEC PSS hardware helps the Operators with accurate deceision making capacity  for mitigation of  problems under contengency condition. The panic of power system BLOCKOUTS , Restarting the power plants and restoring the  Real powergrid functions   are better understandable to Operators with training on HONALEC- POWER SYSTEM SIMULATOR-HES8050.



  • Real power generation  with provision for P,Q, V,F  controls.
  • Generator  protection and synchronization  facility.
  • Advaced Metering, and SCADA for power generation plant.
  • steady state local loading  and fault simulation facility.        


  • Generated  voltage transformation  facility.
  • EHV/UHV over head transmission line simulation with VAR compensators.
  • Flexible AC  Transmission line simulation study unit.
  • EHV/UHV  UG cable transmission line simulation.with VAR compensators
  • HVDC link to synchronise two asynchronous grids
  • Grid/ Reciving station voltage transformation facility.Sub transmission line simulation module.
  • Transmission line protection with Distance relay facility
  •  Phasor measurement unit-PMU.
  • Grid/ Receiving station BAY CONTROLLER and SCADA for power grid simulation unit.


  • Substation simulation module with RTU.
  • Ring and radial power distribution line simulation facility.
  • distrubution level fault  simulation  and FEEDER  Management relay facility.
  • VOLT / VAR management at distribution network .
  •  Distribution  network energy efficiency demonstration. 
  • AMI- POWER THEPT idetification demonstration.
  • peak load management demonstration facility.
  • SCADA for power distribution simulator unit. 


  • RLC and elctronic loading facility.
  • Residential , commercial and industrial load simulation facility
  • load pattern generation for 24 HOUR cycle.
  •  P, Q  and Harmonic power loss measurement facility
  • Demand side load mangement demostration.


  • Distributed power generation- solar 1 KW /  wind generator 200 watts with grid- tie inverter. 
  •  AMRs of 15 numbers,  single/ three phase  in each power utility simulator
  •  home energy management , zigbee comunication - ROUTER - Networking residential loads. 
  • enterprise energy management demostration.
  • peak load management,and electric vehicle charging facilty demonstration.
  • AMR management software.
      PSS HES-8050  Application.
      HONALEC  PSS  designed exclusively for engineering institutions and power system training centers.
  • HES 8050 power system simulator in an organised laboratory of engineering institution helps for conducting curriculum based experiments of power system lab and for project work in PG (M.Tech , M.E. ,M.S) studies.
  • HONALEC HES 8050 PSS hardware helps the Engineering institution to establish COE (center of exellence)  in power system technology for teaching the practiceing concept of power plant operation & control, EHV/UHV transmission line operation & control, Substation automation and Distribution operation & control. The EMS solution for residential , commercial and industrial  application
  •  HES 8050 PSS hardware helps the academic experts to design the Staff training modules for Electrical engineering faculties on advanced topics of power system engineering in Technical Universities.
  • HES 8050 PSS hardware in an organised laboratory helps the power system faculty for their research work by designing their own  hardware and interface with honalec PSS hardware to verify the validation of their software  based  research results under dynamic condition.
  •  HES 8050 PSS hardware helps the power system experts  to design the training modules for generation companies , grid operators distribution companies and industry working professionals in almost every topics of  power engineering including FACTS devises application to power system, SCADA application to power system,Distribution system energy efficiency Understanding power quality problems and harmonic powerloss,  Demand side load management and Peak load management demonstration
  •  HES 8050 PSS hardware  helps  for smart  grid technology demonsration, PSS  is incorporated with AMR, AMI, , RMC, RTU modules and  solar/wind distributed generation with grid connecting invertor.

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